A collection of cosmic

Immerse in the Constellations of
Love-Infused Verses

What is Love?

Love is the pulsar in the deep cosmos of our hearts,
A beacon guiding us through the vast expanse of longing,
It is the gravity that binds, a force that never parts,
In the nebula of our souls, it is our belonging.

Love is the courage to journey, despite the distance vast,
To cross the celestial chasms, to brave the cosmic cold,
It is the promise of a future, built to everlast,
In the constellations of our dreams, it is the stories told.

Love is the patience of a comet, waiting epochs to ignite,
The understanding deep as black holes, accepting shadows cast,
It is the support as sturdy as the ancient starlight,
In the universe of life, it is the mast.

Love is the warmth of a sun, radiant and bright,
A fusion of two souls, in the crucible of time,
It is the touch soft as a pine’s new sprout in the moonlight,
In the forest of our lives, it is the sublime.

Love is the mystery, the enigma, the unsolved riddle,
The shared laughter, the quiet moments, the unspoken bond,
It is the cosmic dance, the melody in the middle,
In the symphony of existence, it is the song that’s fond.

So, what is love? It’s you, it’s me, it’s us,
A journey through the cosmos, a voyage through the night,
It is the promise of a dawn, the universe’s chorus,
In the galaxy of our hearts, it is our light.