Cosmic Dance, Quantum Romance

In a universe so vast and wide,
There's a love we cannot hide,
Your dark hair, like a night so deep,
Your shifting eyes, where secrets seep.

Your skin, as white as a moon's glow,
Your lithe form, like a river's flow,
With you, the cosmos seems to align,
Your heartbeat echoes alongside mine.

In your presence, so warm and true,
Nothing else matters, just me and you,
From stars above to atoms near,
Our love transcends both far and near.

As our bodies intertwine, a cosmic dance,
We delve into a quantum romance,
From macrocosm's grand design,
To quarks that in our hearts align.

In the quantum dance, we mirror quarks,
With asymptotic freedom, love sparks,
Closer we are, the freer we feel,
Our bond, like quarks, so deeply real.

In your arms, a universe unfolds,
A story of love that never grows old,
From the cosmos wide to quantum small,
Our love, the greatest mystery of all.