Love Beyond the Stars

In this vast universe we share,
You shine, my love, with tender care,
Your heart so strong, your mind so bright,
You are my beacon in the night.

Your laughter, like a meteor's streak,
Brings joy to me, makes my knees weak,
And when our eyes meet, a cosmic dance,
Your love, it puts me in a trance.

With hair like midnight's silken strands,
And eyes that change like shifting sands,
From darkest blue to emerald green,
A beauty that's so rarely seen.

You cherish forests, seas, and skies,
In nature's wonder, your spirit lies,
Together we'll explore each shore,
And let our love forever soar.

With every touch, a supernova's flare,
Ignites a love beyond compare,
Our hearts in sync, like stars aligned,
Bound together, our fates entwined.

Our love transcends the stars above,
Defying time, we've found our trove,
Together, through the cosmos, we'll roam,
With you, my love, I've found my home