Stardust Embrace: A Celestial Love

With a touch as soft as moon's embrace,
I trace the stars on your tender grace,
Down your neck, your back, your sides,
In your love, my heart confides.

Your wisdom, like a pulsar's beam,
A heart so vast, it's like a dream,
Your caring soul, an astral song,
In your presence, I belong.

Your skin, like stardust, under my hand,
A connection too deep to understand,
It sparks a warmth, a feeling so rare,
Like solar flares in the cool night air.

With every caress, you softly sigh,
Underneath the starlit sky,
As my fingers map your terrain,
You shed the day's residual strain.

I pull you closer, our hearts collide,
In this universe, you're my guide,
And with a kiss, as tender as dawn's light,
We bathe in the glow of love's starry night.