The Girl Who Shone So Bright

In a world that's black and white,
There lived a girl who shone so bright,
With heart so full and eyes so wide,
She'd open doors to worlds outside.

Her laughter seemed to paint the skies,
With colors never seen by eyes,
Her tender touch, a gentle breeze,
Could bring the sternest hearts to ease.

In every word and every glance,
She wove a spell, a sweet romance,
Her heart, a beacon in the night,
A compass guiding me to light.

And hand in hand, we'd sail away,
To galaxies both near and far,
Exploring worlds unknown to man,
Our love the map, her heart the plan.

So thank you, girl, who shines so bright,
For opening doors to worlds outside,
My universe forever changed,
By your love, your heart, your endless range.