The Universe of Us

Upon the canvas of the cosmos, where stars align in dance,
In you, my dearest Renée, I have found my entrancing trance.
Across the breadth of this universe, under time's vast expanse,
It is with you, and only you, I yearn for every chance.

Your heart, a radiant sun, blazing with relentless might,
Offers solace, casting away the shadows of my night.
In the warm embrace of your love, I find my guiding light,
In your arms, my weary spirit rediscovers its flight.

I envision our shared horizon, under the same celestial dome,
Where your laughter intertwines with mine, crafting our unique tome.
Your tribulations, I aim to soften, to create our peaceful home,
In our boundless love, I discover my raison d'être, my poem.

Together, we'll navigate your sorrows, enduring life's fierce storm,
In my arms, you'll find a harbor, loving, safe, and warm.
Our love, resilient as the stars, will take its sturdy form,
In this expansive universe, it's our norm.

In the enchanting cosmos that is your smile, I discover my true home, A sanctuary, a haven, no longer am I compelled to roam.
In this journey, each shared heartbeat, each written poem,
With you, my love, every moment, every memory, is a treasured tome.