Under the Moonlight

In the whisper of the forest, beneath the waltzing stars,
You and I, Renée, entwined, in a world that's solely ours.
The moon, our silent sentinel, casts silver on our way,
In this realm we've woven, where only love holds sway.

A serene walk along the beach, as the day bids us goodbye,
The light dances on the lapping waves, under the evening sky.
Your headache melts beneath my touch, as my fingers gently explore,
In the soothing rhythm of the river, your relief I implore.

As you sleep within my arms, under the starlit cloak,
In the quiet of the night, our love is the only spoke.
Our bond, it grows and flourishes, like the forest kissed by rain,
In the tapestry of the cosmos, our song remains our refrain.